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  • CHurch Office INFORMATION

    Church offices are located on the right as you drive into the parking lot from Peachtree Street. The lobby can be accessed through the large double glass doors (A1). 

    Office hours are as follows:

    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

    Phone - 703.880.4300
    Fax - 703.880.4320 



  • Today's Readings


    St. Joseph Catholic Church follows the Fairfax County School closing schedule for all Church related activities, i.e., such as the closing of our school, Religious Education (C.C.D.) Classes, Scouting events, Eucharistic Adoration on Wednesday evening, etc.

    When Fairfax County cancels schools there will be NO classes or activities at St. Joseph School and St. Joseph Catholic Church. No Religious Education (C.C.D.) classes and all meeting rooms are cancelled. Even if Fairfax County reopens for evening activities we will still remain closed. When Fairfax County cancels school events (or extra-curricular activities) on Saturday due to bad weather, there will be NO Religious Education (C.C.D.) classes, scouting events, C.Y.O. basketball, use of meeting rooms, etc.

    During inclement weather, all reasonable attempts will be made to celebrate the weekday and weekend Masses at regularly scheduled times. In order to avoid risking your personal safety, while experiencing severe weather conditions, please use wise discretion. You may check for cancellations at www.fcps.edu.

    We will also post cancellations on our website or check for a message on the Church office phone at 703-880-4300.